Capability Analysis Tools

Capability Analysis Tools help to improve businesses and organisations by developing strategic and workforce development plans that are based on data about staff capability and organisational capacity.

Corporate goals, strategic positioning, competitive market position and the ability to innovate all rely heavily on the capabilities of the existing workforce.

By identifying these capabilities, and understanding their capacity to fulfil need, or change in line with business requirements, business entities equip themselves with valuable information that can help shape strategies and inform carefully calculated workforce development plans to improve business. 

CATs for all organisations


ADMINCAT® is the Capability Analysis Tool that measures skill levels of people with administration roles, in any organisation.

ADMINCAT® will assist your organisation with:

  • increased productivity
  • flexible, multi-skilled workforces
  • qualified staff who also build careers
  • skills for the digital era.

MANAGECAT® is the Capability Analysis Tool for identifying managers' existing skills and improving management performance.

MANAGECAT® will assist your organisation with:

  • by providing comprehensive analysis of current management capability
  • develop priorities for professional and career development
  • identify the areas for potential skill improvement.

LEADCAT® is the Capability Analysis Tool for identifying leaders' current strengths and enhancing leadership effectiveness.

LEADCAT® will assist your organisation with:

  • gain fresh insights into the leadership group’s capabilities
  • gain clear indicators about which aspects of the leadership group could be developed further
  • develop a new, shared language about the nature of leadership, to inspire members’ professional conversations, reflection and growth

GROWCAT® is the Capability Analysis Tool for driving business acumen, business development, innovation and entrepreneurship.

GROWCAT® will assist your organisation with:

  • identify existing capabilities within the organisation
  • refresh business development and growth plans
  • intensify organisational drive for innovation and entrepreneurial ventures.

CATs customised for vocational education and training (VET) and higher education organisations


VETCAT® is the Capability Analysis Tool for improving the training and assessment skills of VET practitioners.

VETCAT® will assist your organisation with:

  • identify VET practitioners current skills and gaps, compared with national averages
  • identify the professional development needs of your trainers
  • prepare and plan to help keep up with industry changes.

CURCAT® is the Capability Analysis Tool for increasing the industry currency of VET practitioners.

CURCAT® will assist your organisation with:

  • remain current with regard to training and industry standards
  • plan to remain current or ahead of industry changes
  • identify strengths and weaknesses in staff knowledge related to the current state of the industry.

COMPLETIONCAT® is the Capability Analysis Tool that assists all staff in VET and higher education organisations to contribute to improving student retention and increasing course completions.

COMPLETIONCAT® will assist your organisation with:

  • improve course completion rates
  • examine and optimise organisational culture to improve overall student experience
  • develop a strategy to help improve student retention

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