Capability Analysis Tool for increasing the skills of administration staff

ADMINCAT® is a Capability Analysis Tool that measures the skill levels of people in administration roles, in any organisation.

Why use ADMINCAT®?

Administration staff require more skills in contemporary organisations in response to the following widespread trends:

1. Customers are more knowledgeable and demanding.
Customers today are more knowledgeable about what products and services are available, and hence are becoming more demanding and less loyal to particular brands.

2. Technology is changing the way we work.
The information revolution has created a business environment with shorter product cycles, increased segment fragmentation and increased interdependence on world markets.

3. Organisational knowledge is increasing.
Advances in communication and information technology help organisations to learn and compete at a faster rate.

4. Business change is intensifying.
Rapid technological advancements and fierce competition for market share have contributed to the increasing pace of change in the business landscape.

Administration staff working in modern organisations require:

  • enhanced communication skills, including cross-cultural communication
  • applied research skills, for quickly and accurately accessing and interpreting data
  • clear understanding of their role in the team
  • longstanding skills in record-keeping and occupational health and safety
  • newer skills in knowledge and risk management
  • higher levels of skills in customer service to suit a more competitive business environment
  • proficiency in using current technology.

“The Capability Analysis Tools are completely defensible: I love the fact that they are psychometrically tested, they provide an evidence base and they are not just done and dusted within a couple of weeks, it is a long-term process and we are looking forward to using them again in a couple of years to see how the capability of our staff has grown.”

Gail Eaton-Briggs

General Manager Operations, Organisational and Business Development, TasTAFE

ADMINCAT® will assist your organisation to:

  • increase productivity
  • build flexible, multi-skilled workforces
  • retain qualified staff who also build careers
  • develop skills for the digital era

Skills measured in ADMINCAT®

Skills measured in ADMINCAT®

ADMINCAT® provides data about

  • existing skills and skill gaps of people in administration
  • their aspirations for professional development
  • the potential for skill improvement in people in administration
  • directions to take for the future development of the administration workforce.

ADMINCAT® components include:

  • a staff awareness strategy and a launch workshop
  • an online survey that generates immediate reports for individual respondents
  • provision of group reports and a debrief for the organisation
  • advice and direction about ongoing workforce development
  • guidance for ongoing reflection and discussion in the organisation about management development.


The ADMINCAT® online survey contains around 140 questions drawn from international research.

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