Capability Analysis Tool to improve management performance

MANAGECAT® is a self-diagnostic online assessment that measures the non-technical skills of managers. MANAGECAT® provides a springboard for refreshing current managers and improving ongoing management within the organisation.


MANAGECAT® is relevant to all managers in your organisation, from frontline supervisors, to middle and senior level managers. MANAGECAT® may also be used for succession planning and a supervisor’s 360 review.

MANAGECAT® addresses the Tengblad (2012) research findings that management is both challenging and crucial to the organisation’s high performance. This research identified the top 10 contextual features and characteristics of managerial work as:

  • managers face numerous pressures and high expectations
  • managers operate in complex environments
  • managers experience uncertainty and unforeseen events in their work
  • managers have a hectic work pace
  • managers find their work day is usually fragmented
  • managers spend much of their time adapting to disruptions
  • managers spend more time collaborating than making decisions
  • managers find their work is emotionally intense
  • managers need to use contemporary business language and know about the latest technology
  • managers participate in substantial amounts of informal exchanging of important information

MANAGECAT® will assist your organisation by providing an invaluable and clear knowledge base of current management capabilities, which is essential for ongoing learning and development and increased business success.

“Managers rated themselves as being highly skilled in communication, relationships, team building and project management. In addition, managers self-rated highly in regards to ethical behaviour and managing legislation. Managers scored lower in areas of managing innovation and change. Interestingly a low self-rating for managing workforce development also produced the highest demand for professional development in the area of managing performance skills.”

Kaye Morris

Manager Workforce Capability Development, People and Culture Division, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH)

MANAGECAT® will help your organisation:

  • by providing comprehensive analysis of current management capability
  • develop priorities for professional and career development
  • identify the areas for potential skill improvement 

Skills measured in MANAGECAT®

Skills measured in MANAGECAT®

MANAGECAT® provides data about

  • a comprehensive analysis of current management capability
  • identification of priorities for professional and career development
  • identification of areas for potential skill improvement. 

MANAGECAT® components include:

  • a staff awareness strategy and launch workshop
  • an online survey that generates immediate reports for individual respondents
  • provision of group reports and a debrief for the organisation
  • advice and direction about ongoing workforce development
  • guidance for ongoing reflection and discussion in the organisation about managing performance development.

The MANAGECAT® online survey contains around 140 questions drawn from research, and is aligned with qualifications ranging from Certificate IV right up to Graduate Diploma and suitable for all levels of management (frontline, middle and senior).

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