Capability Analysis Tool to enhance training and assessment

VETCAT® is designed specifically to record the skill levels of VET trainers and assessors. Additionally, VETCAT® is designed to capture the demand for professional development among staff. 

Following receipt of the VETCAT® data, not only will organisations know the skill levels of its teachers and trainers, they will also have a clear idea of the types of professional development that staff are willing to undertake and the skills they want to develop.

Why use VETCAT®?

VET practitioners need extensive skills to perform their professional work because governments and the community have high expectations that the sector can produce high-skilled, work-ready, adaptable graduates who can continue learning throughout their careers.

VET practitioners will need even more skills in future as VET practice continually changes due to:

  • increased competition between training providers, introducing new levels of flexibility and innovation in delivery and assessment
  • client and customer demand for more customisation and if possible personalisation of learning services
  • the emergence of new technologies in areas such as e-learning
  • the need to meet new or revised VET regulatory standards
  • the need to accommodate shifts in industry brought about by forces such as new technology, government policies and competition between companies
  • the need to acknowledge new trends and priorities, illustrated by recent additions to VET practice to accommodate sustainability issues and the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF).

By helping organisations identify areas of demand for professional development activity, VETCAT® can help ensure that the workforce is able to accommodate continual changes in VET practice, and respond effectively to the factors driving those changes.

“I’m pleased to say and a bit surprised that with all of the work that we’ve done in that two and a half years, [using VETCAT] the adequacy of professional development has gone to 73%, which is much better than the 55% national rating.”

Anne Dening

Senior Educational Manager – Innovations, Teaching & Learning, TAFE SA Regional 

VETCAT® will help your organisation:

  • identify VET practitioners' current skills and gaps, compared with national averages
  • identify the professional development needs of your trainers
  • prepare and plan to help keep up with industry changes

Skills measured in VETCAT®

Skills measured in VETCAT®

VETCAT® provides data about

VETCAT® provides your organisation’s senior managers with an accurate assessment of:

  • practitioners’ current skills and gaps, compared with national averages
  • professional development needs of your trainers and assessors, whether they are full or part-time, permanent or casual
  • their demand for professional development.

For the individual, VETCAT® provides the practitioner with data that will enable them to review their strengths and gaps, and to plan their own professional learning program.

VETCAT® components include:

  • a staff awareness strategy and a launch workshop
  • an online survey that generates immediate reports for individual respondents
  • provision of group reports and a debrief for the organisation
  • advice and direction about ongoing development
  • guidance for ongoing reflection and discussion in the organisation about future business growth directions.

The VETCAT® survey consists of 130 questions about 66 skills and includes questions about the respondents’ attitudes, motivations and aspirations.

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