Integrated consultation services

In addition to the Capability Analysis Tools themselves, our clients receive a range of integrated consultation services.

To ensure that ACER Capability Analysis Tools yield positive results for your organisation, a trained consultant will work with you through these four stages, employing a collaborative, integrated approach over a three-month period.

Consultation process

Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Stage Four
Preparation and Engagement

Partner with client to determine strategy for implementation

Identify key influencers

Launch Workshop

Access to Capability Analysis Tool and ongoing monitoring of response rate target

Data Analysis and Debrief Workshop

Provide client reports

Unpack results and map to strategic objectives, culture, structure, values, leadership.

Strategic Action Plan

Formulate organisational and individual learning plans based on learning preferences and career aspirations



Client Organisation


Client Organisation


Organisational Strategic Team

Organisational Strategic Team

Learning and Development Staff

How does it work?

Our capability development team will work with your organisation to:

  • review and understand current skills, knowledge and behaviours for your organisation
  • prioritise the skills required to achieve goals
  • design an integrated learning and development plan based on staff learning preferences, skills strengths and areas for improvement.

As a consequence, staff will be more aware of areas for improvement, and they can hone and consolidate their existing leadership and management skills to achieve any organisation’s vision and reach exceptional performance, operational excellence and innovative thought and practice.

Our team will support your organisation and provide the following services over a 10- to 12-week period:

  • identification of key influencers
  • facilitation of mapping of organisational strategy to the tools
  • design of a communication plan
  • consolidation to link it all together to produce a two-year learning and development action plan.

Both the individual and the organisation receive insightful reports to underpin ongoing improvement.

  • The organisation can use the 30-page reports on each group or department to build future capability.
  • The individual can use their 13- to 15-page report to plan for ongoing workplace learning and professional development.

Data from ACER Capability Analysis Tools reports and advisory service will assist with:

  • creating a continuous skill development culture
  • advocating for the increase or maintenance of learning and development resources
  • using a common language to instil learning, core competencies development and overall growth.


To assist clients to achieve the above benefits, we provide organisations with:

  • launch workshops highlighting the value of your data, informing workforce development
  • a comprehensive debriefing on how to optimise the value of your capability data
  • specialist advice on your workforce strengths, gaps and aspirations to improve
  • planning templates for implementing the CATs and benefiting from the data.

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