Capability Analysis Tool to boost student completion rates

COMPLETIONCAT® is a Capability Analysis Tool that assists all staff – whether in a vocational, higher educational or dual-sector organisation – to contribute to improving student retention and increasing course completions.


COMPLETIONCAT® performs a number of functions:

  • it analyses the organisation’s approach to managing the complete student experience – the ‘life cycle’, from initial information for prospective students, to enrolment, engagement, learning, retention and course completion
  • it examines the organisation’s culture, staff roles and responsibilities, and the corporate systems as they relate to the whole student experience
  • it generates data, reports and directions for ongoing professional learning activities that can underpin a whole-of-organisation strategy for improving completion rates and managing in an environment where payments are linked to completions.

Student retention and course completion are influenced by a diverse set of factors that do not act independently of each other. Often, there are multiple factors responsible for a student withdrawal and non-completion.

By analysing the whole organisation, rather than focusing on a single section, COMPLETIONCAT® allows organisations to examine the entire student experience life cycle; helping to improve the experience at each stage of the journey, cumulatively working to improve retention and completion rates.

ACER can supply your organisation with either the vocational education (VET), dual sector, or higher education version of COMPLETIONCAT®, or multiple versions if you have staff across the two sectors.


“We now factor in the CAT data when we’re planning with teams around their capability and what they need.”

Hayley MacDonald

Manager Organisational, Capability, People and Culture Directorate CQUniversity

“I think COMPLETIONCAT is going to be the catalyst that will inspire cultural and professional change.”

Patricia O’Donovan

Faculty Manager, Health Sport and Community Services, NSI TAFE

COMPLETIONCAT® will help your organisation:

  • improve course completion rates
  • examine and optimise organisational culture to improve overall student experience
  • develop a strategy to help improve student retention

Skills measured in COMPLETIONCAT®

Skills measured in COMPLETIONCAT®

COMPLETIONCAT® provides data about

Staff/workforce skills, to ensure:

  • appropriate student information, course selection, enrolment and orientation
  • effective student engagement and learning
  • customised student support
  • targeted planning and administration to optimise retention and completion.

COMPLETIONCAT® components include:

  • a staff awareness strategy and a launch workshop
  • an online survey that generates immediate reports for individual respondents
  • provision of group reports and a debrief for the organisation
  • advice and direction about ongoing professional development
  • provision of the COMPLETIONCAT® System Checker tool
  • provision of the COMPLETIONCAT® Calculator tool
  • guidance for ongoing reflection and discussion in the organisation about related workforce development.

The COMPLETIONCAT® survey consists of 179 questions about skills, and includes questions about the respondents’ attitudes, motivations and aspirations.

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